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  • Spain: Catalan cooperatives seeking price stability for hazelnuts

    Oct 5th, 2015

    On Friday 2 October, the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia (FCAC) took part in a bilateral meeting between the European Union and Turkey. The FCAC's goal during the meeting, held in Düzca, Akcakoca, Turkey, was to ask international operators to make responsible decisions to prevent speculation and ensure stability in the hazelnut market when it comes to prices.At the meeting, Roger Palau, head of the FCAC's nuts department, stated that "in recent months, hazelnuts have reached record high prices due to the impact of heavy frost in Turkey, which led to a drop in the global production. Now we have to see what the conditions will be for us next season and how we can prevent market volatility."In Catalonia as a whole, the latest hazelnut harvest stood at 13,750 tonnes, while this year the volume is expected to drop by 5%, down to 13,000 tonnes.Roger Palau argues that "the decisions of major operators in both the sector and the trade industry are the key to prevent speculation and promote price stability, as neither European nor Turkish producers have mechanisms allowing them to have a say on the regulation of prices."