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  • Spain: Almond production to grow by 5%

    May 11th, 2015

    According to preliminary estimates of the 2015/16 harvest, the almond production will grow by 5% compared to the previous season and will be 14% higher than the average of the past five years, reaching a total of 51,643 tonnes.The National Nuts Board, consisting of the agricultural organisations ASAJA, COAG and UPA, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias and the Spanish Association of Nut Producer Organisations (AEOFRUSE), was in charge of preparing this estimation, considered "an overall good harvest, with a small 4.94% increase in production compared to last season."Prospects remain positive due to the absence of significant frosts and good weather conditions during the flowering and settling. Nevertheless, and given that last year some areas were particularly hit by drought, there has been some loss in productive potential. There have also been problems with brown rot, so a later revision of the estimates will be necessary.

    Source: financialfood