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  • Spain: Almond production set to triple in the medium term

    Jan 13th, 2017

    The Spanish production of almonds is expected to double in about three years, and a few years later, it will triple, according to the estimates of the producer organization, Almendrera del Sur, which insisted on the fact that the most important challenge for the growers will be to ensure the sale of their almonds under the best market conditions. According to an article published in, almonds are currently one of the most profitable crops, as there is not enough almond production to meet the world demand. It is very profitable when cultivated in good conditions, especially in irrigated plantations and with intensive cultivation, since the process can be fully mechanised. It is, therefore, a great alternative to traditional crops, both rain-fed and irrigated. In areas where crops such as cotton, beets, cereals, citrus fruits, table olives, etc. are no longer profitable, almond trees are spreading with great success. The strong growth of almond consumption is due to the impact of big promotional campaigns in the United States, Australia, China, India, etc., and to the fact that the Mediterranean diet is becoming fashionable. The demand from new destination countries, including China, India and the United Arab Emirates, continues to grow. The region of Andalusia has the largest acreage in Spain, with 28% of the total: 111,000 hectares. The region is also the leader in terms of production, with 25% of the domestic total: 13,330 tons in 2015.