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  • Spain to produce 26% more almonds this year

    May 15th, 2017

    The National Nuts Bureau has estimated the total production of almonds in the campaign that is now starting at 57,753 tons; an increase of 26% compared to last season.According to the Bureau, this 2017 almond season will be characterised by an increase in the production that is due to the expansion of the acreage devoted to almonds in the main producing regions and the entry into production of these new plantations.

    The National Bureau of Nuts pointed out that there has also been a methodological review of the area accounted for in areas such as Andalusia, which has had a great impact on the overall estimation.The Bureau has warned that the weather that Spain has suffered since mid-February, marked by scarce rainfall and some significant frosts, could lead to a decrease in this estimate; however, they have assured that the quality and size of the almonds "will be high." In any case, the final production will depend on the rainfall or inclement weather recorded during this spring.