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  • Slates for cashew

    May 24th, 2016

    Vietnam cashew industry thrived in recent years and for 11 consecutive years the world leader in exports. However, since the beginning of the year, the markets are more volatile in price and supply of crude.

    Under these circumstances, on 23/5, HCMC, Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) jointly organized the seminar "The industry welcomed the transfer of his new opportunity." Here, many practical suggestions for what the industry experts, the business was launched.

    Big but not strong

    Nguyen Duc Thanh - Chairman of Vinacas said the first 5 months of 2016, Vietnam exported 128 thousand tons of cashew nuts, earning more than $ 1 billion, the price of exports also increased, by 12%. This year, the market has changed, if as before China is an important market, there is always a high turnover, but in the first 5 months this year, China surpassed the United States, rising consumption market it's the first product in our country.

    Evaluating the favorable level of the US market for the products of the Vietnam thing, Mr. Thanh said: "The situation is very positive, because in addition to top-quality products, this sector is facing our country great advantages in US markets are almost no barriers. Discuss future orientations, he Thanh said that cashew sector need to invest more to escape the situation "big but not strong", also the No. 1 export, import and No. 1 but has not been effectively brought as desire, and the status of local firms competing against each other, this could undermine this sector.

    Find sustainable development

    As a business with 25 years of operating experience in this sector, Nguyen Thai Son - Long Son Company reviews: "One of the biggest weaknesses of the cashew sector is dependent on a lot of imported raw materials, thus potential difficulties and risks are high. Once their countries active in the production and processing are seen as sources of raw materials will be reduced significantly.

    Also because of lack of raw materials should happen the companies compete to buy and sell paintings were also cases where the seller has the product mix, leading to quality assurance. " Food safety risk high, condition monitoring, management is not tight. Recently the European countries, America ... making food safety standards are very high, leading to the exporters face many difficulties.

    He paints proposals, to thrive industry, policy makers create more open documents, not to happen the business of harassment, procedures cumbersome, difficult. Vinacas role is extremely important. Vinacas proposed set of enterprise needs to create competitive strength, not to present themselves as strongly as everyone.

    According to Dr. Nguyen Nhu Hien - representing DCP (MARD), the organization of production, the link between farmers, between farmers and enterprises not established; Growers difficult access to credit. Businesses not associated with the farmer building materials; yet what form the system purchased directly from farmers, price volatility, do not buy the standard, leading to unequal quality.

    One problem is equally important is the delegates at the conference concerned the fact the business is engaged more and more in international commercial transactions, but their position in the entry into and performance of contracts is still quite low. The reason is the experience of negotiations and signing of contracts with foreign partners remains weak.

    According to Lawyer Nguyen Thi Hong Ngan, to enhance the advantages of contracting, or dispute resolution, businesses need to be prepared well in all aspects, to consult the legal consultant and Agreements opportunity to defend their rights. In parallel with that, the businesses have to equip yourself with the expertise and skills in negotiation, dispute resolution, the operation of sustainable new businesses.

    Quoc Dinh

    Source: University Solidarity