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  • Seize the opportunity to develop this sector

    Jun 27th, 2016

    Before the opportunities coming from the Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), processing and exporting cashew Vietnam have many opportunities to "transformation". In particular, industries that can make use of the advantages, to create sustainable added value for both enterprises (companies) and cashew farmers in the country ...

    According to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), from the beginning of the year, the price of exports rose by 12%, allowing volume and export value increased significantly more items to the same period in 2015. Products that Vietnam is a world leader in exporting to 80 countries and territories. In particular, the US, Europe and China is the main export market, accounting for respectively 30%, 25% and 15%.

    Previously, China is an important market, there is a high turnover in the first months of this year, China surpassed the United States in consumption of articles of Vietnam. Foreign consumers increasingly recognize that Vietnam is a country that provides many reputable products and advanced processing technology, ensure food safety and hygiene.

    Industry is increasingly dominant as "outperform" industrial plant sectors other key. Vice Chairman and Secretary General Dang Hoang Giang Vinacas said: "Compared to other agricultural commodities, cashew nuts are getting the attention of many companies due to more profitable than other goods. Currently there are about 350 enterprises and more than 1,000 export processing enterprises, including many companies previously active in other areas such as exports of rice, coffee, rubber ... and now also involved in the field kite".

    Have large market potential, but facing the opportunity of integration, the Vietnam Experts fear the market is difficult to maintain due to heavy reliance on sources of raw materials. Specifically, each year the domestic industry to import 70% of raw materials for export processing. General Director of JSC Long Son Vu Thai Son worry: "Due to insufficient raw material supply grow, so we still import large quantities of raw cashew from Africa and Cambodia divided. Was dependent on the export of raw materials to a point, his country will import cashew processing and export taxes on crude. Processing factory production from Vietnam sold to countries promote efficiency. The future of Africa will be processed for export of cashew exports and reduced crude into Vietnam. This raises the domestic industry before a difficult problem for raw materials. Therefore, increasing the area under cultivation is necessary and needed jobs to embark on immediate implementation "...

    How to increase productivity for the trees? Dr. Nguyen Nhu Hien, Deputy Head of Division in charge of industrial plants - fruit, Department of Crop Production (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), said that one of the urgent tasks and practical way to enhance productivity and quality of cashew on a large scale in a short time period is applied intensive farming techniques that sum, including: Pruning, canopy, fertilizer and plant protection for the trees. In fact, the intensive farming model that synthesis was applied in the provinces of Binh Phuoc, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Lam Dong last time to help increase productivity and economic efficiency from 20 to 60 %, getting the trust of farmers.

    According to Vinacas representative leaders, it is time that the industry enterprises "began to cooperate, unanimously co effort" can not make everyone strong as before. Specifically, these companies need to form groups of the same demand for imports, processing based on voluntary principles. These groups are not necessarily by region, but in many parts businesses can team up as you see fit. The group members will share information and advance to agree on the purchase price allocation for some clue in talks. In Long An Province has formed in this model and upcoming delivery for one, two focal points to work for the party. This approach, ensuring the quality of raw materials has helped more reasonable purchase price, should be expanded.

    Vinacas office will also review information about the sale of crude to customers in Vietnam. The Advisory Council will import annually published list of "black" crude exporters in Vietnam does not comply with the contract for domestic companies wary. Vinacas recommended domestic companies only do business with reputable partners, eliminating even the units do not have professional, financial inability, potentially risky ... Vinacas also established consulting organizations, with the participation of lawyers, continue to edit templates crude import contracts to the construction companies as a basis for their own contracts, companies avoid losses to Vietnam when the problem occurred out.

    Chairman Nguyen Duc Thanh Vinacas recommendations: To take full advantage of the opportunities from the agreements provide, the domestic industry needs to have innovative solutions to increase the quality and production of raw materials in the country , helping export processing enterprises fully benefit preferential policies, especially on tax and import tax. State should promulgate mechanisms and policies favorable, with industry solutions support enterprises that implement industrial promotion programs, improving technology, processing equipment. Also, farmers concerned by credit support, technical; encourage the formation of fields that produce large samples with the cooperation of joint production and marketing of products between businesses and farmers, with the support of the bank, the State management agencies and associations .. .

    Source: Nhan Dan Tel