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  • Sale of nuts and dry fruits rises; prices soar

    Dec 19th, 2016

    The sales of nuts and dry fruits are soaring in the city with a fall in temperature and the surge in demand has also caused a slight increase in prices. “With the advent of winter, the demand for nuts and dry fruits goes upward. Comparatively, the prices have also increased. Local people prefer walnuts, pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts the most,” said Muhammad Naseeb Akhtar, a salesman at Reza Ali Bin Faraj Ghareb Nawaz store located in Souq Waqif. He also said, last month the price of cashew nut was QR35 per kg ‘but now with the increased demand, we are purchasing it from wholesale dealers at QR42 per kg and we sell it at QR50 per kg’.

    “Locals are fond of eating dry figs with a combination of nuts. We are selling figs for QR85 per kg. The price of pistachios has slightly increased and we are selling them for QR110 per kg. Just a month ago it was being sold at QR90 per kg.” Naseeb Akhtar added that dates were in high demand in all seasons. “We rarely increase the price of our all-time-special favourite ‘Palestine Dates’ which costs QR38 per kg but now that too is being sold at QR40 per kg. Jumbo dates are sold at QR50 per kg in all seasons,” he added.

    He said that the main concern of most dry fruits sellers during winter was maintaining a constant supply. “Our main concern is about the demand and supply. With more demand and less supply, prices go up and the prices see a downward trend when supply surpasses demand. During winter, locals are fond of cardamom tea. The price of cardamom has also increased to QR100 per kg from the earlier rate of QR90.”

    Another employee of the same outlet said that Qatari customers like Iranian almonds which are sold at QR48 per kg. “At our shop, cashew nuts are sold at QR50,” Abdullah, owner of Mohammad Abdul Aziz Traditional shop at Souq Waqif, told The Peninsula.Muhammed Bashar, an employee at Firdouse Sweets Shop located at Souq Waqif, said that demand for pecans and Brazil nuts was also very high. “We are selling both at QR120 per kg and they sell at our shop like hot cakes.” Like nuts, the sale of warm clothing is also witnessing an upward trend. Muhammad Ansari, an employee at Al  Qatari Store located in Souq Waqif, said that Qatari people have started buying warm clothing for their traditional dresses. “Our main suppliers are from India and China. Indian suppliers include Sugam and Siyaram companies. Their clothes are rich in quality and are reasonably priced, and cost QR35 per metre. Suppliers from China include GK, Deepaks and Flamingo. These fabrics are a bit cheaper at QR30 per metre.”

    “England Wool is high in demand which is from Jhon Foster Company, it is costly and Qatari customers like this a lot. We sell it for QR250 per meter,” he added.