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  • Results Workshop Vietnam trade thing - Americans on 5/31/2016

    Jun 1st, 2016

    Fast Facts from trade seminar that Vietnam - America Day 31/05/2016 in San Diego (US) in the framework of the national trade promotion in 2016 by the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) in collaboration with the Department trade promotion (Ministry of trade) held:

    At the seminar, businesses that Vietnam and the US have focused on the information that the first 5 months KD SX 2016 and outlook last 7 months of 2016, here are some quick facts PNCP delegation sent to:

    1. Regarding the consumption of nuts worldwide continues to increase.

    2. output general nuts and cashew nuts in particular in 2016 declined 20-25%.

    3. On quality and safety of Vietnam's cashew nuts - cashew exporting countries world No. 1 has been significantly improved, but the importers are increasingly focused and more concerned about this (in the US will enforce strong standards FSMA). In the future, they encourage the plant to continue to invest in machinery, equipment, upgrade factories and improve management processes to be able to offer these products to market individual quality best and food safety.

    4. A number of individual sales contract has been confirmed for $ 3.95 / lb FOB HCMC. HCM for PLU WW320.

    Quick News Editorial Board will continue to update the market situation, the price of cashew nuts and the US delegation's activities in 2016 and PNCP information about the congress international dried nuts INC 2016 in San Diego (USA) 2016 in the next newsletter.

    Source: School location