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  • Replan the cashew

    Oct 27th, 2016

    Although there is industry exports amounted to 2.5 billion USD, ranking third after rice, coffee, but most of the land area under cultivation at present is poor soil, steep slopes, no water difficult farming conditions and even climate areas, inappropriate land. Approximately 60% of the area planted with trees that are actually born, poor quality, a great influence on yield and quality. Besides, the area that aging, pests and plant dispersed high percentage. Production networks, business-like in many localities do not meet the requirement, condition unknown origin seedlings popular in the market affects the development programs that sustainable production.

    From a total of 345 units are now exporting to 73% of enterprises have export turnover below 5 million / year. Having too many small and medium-sized enterprises has led to unfair competition, uneven quality, long term disadvantages for Vietnam's industries. Most of the processing enterprises, exports are not held, the construction of the raw materials, has not yet signed the agreement to purchase the product in order to stabilize the quality of raw materials which are mainly purchasing through intermediaries, photos entitled to the purchase price from producers.

    For sectors that sustainable development required functional departments to conduct the review and adjustment of regional planning what to plant. Forming key growing areas, intensive investment focus, which aims to build a large orchard; investment in building traffic, irrigation, procurement network, processing. Classification of the orchard, the area does qualify, the focus of intensive, increasing productivity. Currently cashew farmers are more concerned by the low investment costs, low labor costs, high economic efficiency than some other crops, but when replanting, new planting should pay special attention to like. Good varieties plays an important role in improving the productivity, quality and efficiency of orchard latter, so to use new varieties of clear origin, quality assurance. Research into breeding and seed production that suit each ecoregion, some pest resistant and mostly adapt to climate change; building bullet garden, native garden breeding. At the same time, planning and rearranging processing enterprises, export it in the direction of reducing the focal point, forming the largest processing facilities, equipment and modern technologies. The recommendation not to establish new processing facilities and increase capacity when processing cashew nut market for raw materials in underdeveloped countries exceeded processing capacity.

    Source: VINACAS