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  • Remove difficulties in plant quarantine for imported raw cashew nuts

    Apr 3rd, 2019

    Recently, the Vietnam Cashew Association sent a dispatch to the Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) and Region II Plant Quarantine Sub-Department to propose to remove difficulties in plant quarantine for Imported raw cashews. According to the reflection of the cashew importer, the plant quarantine agency has now requested to conduct an inspection and sampling of all imported raw cashew shipments originating from Africa at the port, instead of giving permission to bring to the warehouse of the enterprise as before, ... in the context of the whole industry facing many difficulties in 2019, the implementation of the above regulations has caused obstacles and losses for the enterprises of processing and importing raw cashew. .

    Remove difficulties in plant quarantine for imported raw cashew nuts

    Specifically, businesses must increase the time and cost for receiving goods; enterprises must incur a lot of expenses to serve the inspection of goods in ports (transport charges in ports from central yards through yards for checking goods, storing containers and storing yards and other expenses); enterprises must also arrange a lot of manpower to supervise at the port; causing traffic jam at the port; reducing the competitiveness of businesses and the whole industry

    Therefore, the Vietnam Cashew Association proposes to maintain the sampling process as applied to imported raw cashew nuts as before, allowing enterprises to be tested and sampled at the enterprise's warehouse (or location). take samples and inspect goods proposed by enterprises in the form of quick inspection, applicable to cashew nuts. Mr. Pham Van Cong - Chairman of Vietnam Cashew Association - said that now is the peak of purchasing and importing raw cashew in 2019, if the above regulation is soon removed, it will seriously affect the production plan. - business of the whole industry in 2019.