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  • Qabala exporting hazelnut products to Europe

    Dec 9th, 2016

    As one of the drivers of Qabala's economy, hazelnut growing is becoming exceedingly important to the country. Products of a hazelnut plant in Azerbaijan's Qabala district are exported to various European countries, including Germany, Italy and Spain.Built in 2005, the plant in Qabala also processes hazelnut harvested in Oghuz, Zaqatala and Qakh districts. The plant produces products from the nuts including: hazelnut puree, chocolate cream, sweet and salty hazelnut, and chocolate hazelnut.Work has already begun to establish a hazelnut garden in an area of 1000 hectares in the district. The area of hazelnut plantations is planned to be expanded to 2,000 hectares in the coming years.