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  • Purchase and export of cashews: watch out for violators!

    Mar 9th, 2020

    46 wholesale buyers and 178 registered sub-buyers; 20 exporters officially recognized to practice legally ... These figures were communicated on Friday 06 March 2020 at the launch of the 2020 cashew marketing campaign.

    The purchase of cashews throughout the national territory is indeed subject to obtaining a buyer or sub-buyer card and a purchase agreement. "Likewise, the export of cashew nuts is subject to obtaining an export license," said GOZAN Komlan Mawuko, chairman of the board of directors of the interprofessional council of the cashew sector in Togo. "Violators will be penalized by the law in force: in particular interministerial orders relating to the regulation of the marketing of cashew nuts and their derivative products in Togo", he warned. “Cashews are a significant source for our economy. It is the duty of the Government to regulate, supervise and support the sector ”, underlined for its part, the Minister in charge of agriculture, Koutéra Bataka, who invited all the actors to cultivate the understanding, l union for the sustainable development of this sector.

    It should be noted that for the 2020 campaign, the price bordered on the field retained by all the players in the five families in the sector is 325FCFA per kg. This price is proposed by the actors according to the international price trend. The price of a polyclonal plant is equal to 300FCFA and the grafted plant is equal to 550FCFA. These provisions aim to preserve the interest of the sector and its actors.