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  • Promotion of Binh Phuoc: Improving the value of cashew nuts

    Jun 22nd, 2017

    Binh Phuoc is now the "capital" of cashew trees with about 134,000 hectares, accounting for nearly 50% of the cashew area of ​​the country, 132,000 hectares of which are harvested, output reached about 150 thousand tons per year. There are more than 200 enterprises in the province and more than 400 cashew processing establishments with the total capacity of 82,000 tons / year, creating jobs for about 50,000 people. Cashew processing industry has been contributing to improving and improving the lives of people in the province, especially in remote and mountainous areas, ethnic minorities.

    However, because most enterprises and establishments processing cashew nuts in the province are small scale, the production line is not uniform, so the products are not diversified. Increased value, low competitiveness.In order to help the cashew sector overcome difficulties, Binh Phuoc has encouraged and encouraged enterprises to improve their production technology in order to increase productivity and quality. Products. As a result, many businesses have significantly improved their production capacity and product value.

    Recently, the Center for Industry Promotion and Industrial Development Consultancy (central) also supported 195 million VND for Hoang Hung Trading Co., Ltd (Doan Ket Co., Bu Dang district) to implement the project "Application Machinery and equipment in the cashew processing line for export ". According to the beneficiary's representative, the supported equipment is cashew nut model cashew kernel model PM300 with the capacity of 200-300 kg cashew kernel / hour, new machine 100%, made in Vietnam. The equipment fully meets technical standards in machine manufacture as well as safety during production operation.

    Previously, the center also supported Duc Thinh Co., Ltd. (Thong Nhat commune, Bu Dang district) to implement the project "Application of machinery and equipment in processing cashew nuts for export". The equipment supported is a cashew nut shredding machine with capacity of 450 - 570 kg of raw material per hour. The equipment is put into stable operation will help enterprises significantly improve production capacity as well as product value.

    In the National Industrial Promotion Plan 2017 approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Binh Phuoc is supported to implement seven projects with a total budget of VND1.65 billion. Among them, there are 6 projects supporting the application of advanced and modern machinery and equipment into production and a project to build technical demonstration models. Most of the projects focus on supporting businesses, cashew processing establishments. As can be seen, Binh Phuoc industry encouragement has paid great attention to the cashew industry and this will continue to be the focus of priority province promotion in the coming years.

    In order to facilitate the implementation as well as attract more cashew processing enterprises participating in and enjoying industrial promotion policies, representatives of Binh Phuoc Department of Industry and Trade also recommends: Local Industry Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) To set up groups of beneficiaries to take the initiative in planning and implementing projects on support for application of advanced and modern machinery and equipment into production; Prioritize the approval of national industrial extension projects supporting the cashew nut processing industry registered in the annual plan.

    From the beginning of this year, the Center for Industry Promotion and Industrial Development Consultancy of Binh Phuoc province has successfully tested two schemes to support the application of advanced machinery and equipment into cashew production and processing. Thereby, contributing to increase the value of cashew - the main product of the province.

    Hai Linh

    Source: Industry and Trade Newspaper