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  • Promoting rehabilitation orchard

    Oct 5th, 2015

    About ten years ago, it is still in the position tree "poverty alleviation", associated with remote areas, unfavorable cultivation area (slopes, silver color ...); but now that the industry has achieved miracles VN exports to the sector when it is gradually hits $ 2.5 billion, accounting for 50% of total export turnover of the global individual.

    There are results, repeat the outstanding success of the processing industry that, starting from project launched KC-07 generation by mower deck VN Cashew Association (Vinacas) presides. The success of this project has been phased out completely machinery imported with excessively high prices and liberated most of the manual labor force. Since then, the processing industry developed rapidly, now has formed 465 processing plants with total capacity of 1 million tons / year (about 667 times more than in 1988), to help things VN continuous industry the world leader in export turnover.

    However, the outstanding development of the processing industry far outstrips the supply of domestic raw materials, many years cashew VN to import over 50% of crude from Africa and Southeast Asia. This dependence makes it passive sector of raw materials and quality control difficult.

    Recognizing these limitations, also wants to help cashew farmers increase income, Vinacas made significant decisions: investment returns for farmers. Continuity in the past two years, Vinacas spent billions to implement the program "rehabilitation orchard grafting", building models effectively renovated garden, for superior productivity from 3-4 tons / ha .

    The success of the project brought a lot of enthusiasm Vinacas chairman Nguyen Duc Thanh was headed MARD appreciated. In late 2014, personally minister Cao Duc Phat to each household in the project (Long Ha commune, Bu Gia Map District, Binh Phuoc) to visit, since many major policy decisions for this sector, the standard are catching up with the new.

    Ministers also been confirmed at the meeting of the cashew sector, which took place late 2014 in Binh Phuoc, saying, "It is the strength and characteristics of VN. As international integration, the more products we demonstrated the strength, the more characteristic competitive advantage. Therefore, restructuring it to improve productivity, quality and value of the product will be focused as strongly ".

    o implement the directive of the Minister, the departments and institutes concerned and localities simultaneously on the bandwagon, including the transformation of the garden that are of particular interest. Nearly 2 years, one finds the National Revenue Deputy Minister - Head of the Steering Committee that sustainable development, continuous down to the local operator, mount the organizations and individuals related to development, human Renovations wide movement orchard. With great effort, so far, a lot of the local farmers to plant something (Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Binh Thuan and Lam Dong ...) were "rolled up" to perform renovation, garden rejuvenation.

    To encourage farmers to take good care of the orchard, Minister Cao Duc Phat has signed 44 certificates of merit to farmers good thing, at the forefront of the transformation of the garden, do nuclear common best practices, effective Results of the regions across the country.

    Farmer Hoang Van Tan (village 8 Long Ha, Bu Gia Map District, Binh Phuoc) with 10 ha, perform transplant improvement brought orchard yield of 4.2 tons / ha and Certificate of Merit by the Minister, said: Movement transplant improvement in Binh Phuoc orchard is being replicated, himself were centers of vocational training and support to farmers in Binh Phuoc province invited classroom technology transfer transplant renovated for about 1,000 farmers at 9 commune (Tien Hung, Dong Nai, Solidarity, Long Phuoc, Thac Mo, Thanh Binh, Thanh Hoa, Tan Phu, Dong Tien), in 5 districts and towns (Dong Xoai, Phuoc Long, Bu Dang, Bu Dop Dong Phu). The farmers are very excited to learn and many people have done successfully in the family garden, and help other farmers and orchard renovated more efficiently.

    The result, in two years, the national cashew production has increased: in 2014 that the average yield increase of 2.5 kg / ha compared to 2013 (reaching 12 kg / ha), the total output of 345,000 tons. Sang 2015 that continued productivity increase of 1.2 kg / ha (reaching 13.2 kg / ha), production reached 400,000 tons.

    However, the biggest difficulty is the inspection, monitoring and testing the quality of seeds in most business establishments almost floating; while the state has not formed the first orchard line of high quality, guaranteed supply with demand grafts up to several million trees each year. Currently an area of ​​water that we have to grow by 65% ​​like real students, 67% of seeds of unknown origin, many scattered areas under cultivation, the climate, the soil was not suitable, so the transformation of certainty will spend a lot of time, effort, requiring perseverance and dedication.

    In addition, scientific research, transfer of technical advances trees not meet the new requirements set out. Production organization, links between cashew farmers now have not been set tightly; cashew growers access to credit sources very difficult ..., is creating obstacles to the transformation of the orchard.

    Source: Agriculture Vietnam