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  • Promote the import of raw cashew nuts Ivory Coast

    Feb 25th, 2016

    24-2 day in the city. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) in collaboration with the Council of cotton and cashew nuts Ivory Coast (CCA) held a conference on trade - commercial cooperation crude Vietnam - Ivory Coast 2016 crop year.

    At the meeting representatives Vinacas and CCA have information on the crop, the market price of raw cashew nuts, a list of exporters of raw cashew Ivory Coast and new mechanisms of government policies Coast Ivory prioritize crude importers of Vietnam and trade connections.

    Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman of Vinacas said that in 2015 the import business Vinacas crude at about 867 thousand tons with a total value of over $ 1.1 billion. Meanwhile, Ivory Coast alone is more than 302 thousand tons with a turnover of approximately USD 383.6 million accounted for nearly 27% of imported crude by both associations.

    He Malamine SANOGO said CCA Director General, Vietnam is a country that imports large quantities of crude from the Ivory Coast, so we are looking forward to and welcomes the cooperation between the two countries this sector. "The government of Ivory Coast have mechanisms and policies to attract investment in this sector, so that enterprises in the industry of Vietnam will have more opportunities in trade cooperation with enterprises Coast Ivory in the near future. "Malamine SANOGO he adds.

    In quality as well as preserving and transporting crude from the Ivory Coast of Vietnam, Khanh Bach Nhut, deputy director of the Superintendence said, because the country is behind in the manufacturing sector should be how to preserve cashew nuts articles of Ivory Coast is limited, so businesses need to enter Vietnam's khaui instructions on how to preserve as well as the transport and storage of raw cashew nuts in your country for the products of Vietnam to still make sure the quality is stable.

    Dang Hoang Giang, General Secretary, the current Vinacas, in collaboration with the Superintendence Vianacas issued bilingual handbook to disseminate some experience of harvesting and storage of raw cashew nuts to reduce post-harvest losses to send to the client countries exporting raw cashew nuts for Vietnam, including the Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast is one of Vietnam's major customers for supply of raw cashew nuts, imports accounted for nearly 1/3 of the cashew processing enterprises, so this trade conference is an opportunity to businesses come together to seek opportunities to cooperate and trade connections with each other in 2016 and subsequent years.

    It is known today Vinacas collaboration with the National Agricultural Extension Center as well as a number of units, strengthen local support for cashew farmers to improve productivity and quality of cashew nuts in countries to increase income for cashew growers, thereby limiting the dependence on imported raw materials.

    Source: Rural Business