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  • Prime Minister put 5 questions for ministries, sectors on export

    Apr 23rd, 2018

    At the national conference on total solutions for export promotion taking place this morning (23-4), the Prime Minister raised a series of questions to leaders of ministries, sectors, local business associations. .. "At the conference today, I would like the leaders of ministries, sectors, localities, businesses to look directly at the truth, looking directly at weaknesses in the management, import and export. We are going to propose solutions to remove these bottlenecks "- Prime Minister opened the conference. Dress up 5 dresses for dress up, dress up and dress up. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc put five big questions about exports to leaders of ministries, sectors and localities and representatives of exporters. According to the Prime Minister, although Vietnam's exports last year set a record, impressive milestones, they are still facing major challenges such as global trade volatility, including the possibility of commercial war; the trend of insurgency protection, many countries raise standards on agricultural products, seafood; competition is fiercer; Many products in the country are not uniform quality, production is not associated with consumption; Export procedures have improved, but the system of implementing tasks has not done well. Facing these difficulties and challenges, the Prime Minister raised five big questions and asked representatives of enterprises, economic experts, leaders of ministries, branches and localities to contribute their solutions and proposals. These solutions and proposals will be put into the resolution by the Government to direct the units and localities. "How to increase the value added of domestic products, not just crude exports? How to overcome the knot on export, procedural obstacles? How can Vietnamese enterprises quickly grasp information, legal policies, business opportunities in foreign markets? How to further develop export markets? What are the weaknesses of Vietnam's exports and how will the big picture of Vietnam's exports be approached? " According to a report by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, 2017 is a particularly successful year for exports. For the first time, Vietnam's exports exceeded $ 200 billion. For the whole year, exports reached $ 214 billion, an increase of 21.2% compared to 2016, far exceeding the target set by the National Assembly and the Government. In 2017, Vietnam has four more items with export turnover of over $ 1 billion, bringing the number of items with export turnover of over $ 1 billion to 29 items; The number of items with export turnover of over $ 2 billion is 20 and there are eight items with an export turnover of over $ 6 billion. The processing industry continued to be the main driver of export growth, with many items achieving impressive growth rates such as telephones and components ($ 45.27 billion, up 31.9% ), computers, electronic products and components ($ 25.9 billion, up 36.8%). Agricultural and aquatic products also showed good growth, contributing eight items to the export turnover of over $ 1 billion. In particular, many items with high growth such as seafood reached 8.32 billion, up 18%; vegetables and fruits reached $ 3.5 billion, up 42.5%; Cashew nut $ 3.52 billion, up 23.8%. The development of export markets has achieved positive results. Vietnamese goods continue to exploit traditional markets and expand the search and development of new markets. In the year 2017, there are 28 export markets with a turnover of over $ 1 billion, of which seven markets have turnover of over $ 5 billion and four are over $ 10 billion.