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  • Present perfect, future tense for KSCDC factories

    Sep 2nd, 2015

    After remaining shut for several months due to lack of working capital, all 30 factories of the public sector Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation (KSCDC) that reopened on August 17 are now operating in full swing.But there is uncertainty over how long the management will be able to keep the factories running.A Cabinet decision to allocate Rs.30 crore had enabled the KSCDC factories to reopen before Onam. KSCDC managing director K.A. Ratheesh said Rs.15 crore of that allocation went for paying bonus, holiday wages, and leave with wages to workers.

    More than 12,000 KSCDC workers benefited as they got a minimum bonus of Rs.8,500 each. The payment of government declared bonus amount by the KSCDC also benefited workers of private factories as they too got a similar bonus, Dr. Ratheesh said. “Otherwise the private processors would have dillydallied on the bonus amount,” he said.He said 2,000 tonnes of raw nut was purchased locally with a major portion of the remaining amount. But the raw nut stock would last only till September 10. If the stocks were not replenished, roasting activity would come to a standstill at the factories. The shelling, peeling, and grading activities of processing could be carried out only till September 22, Dr. Ratheesh said.

    Unsold stocks

    Kernel stocks lying unsold due to technical blocks had been sold and efforts were being made to purchase another stock of raw nut with the amount. He said there was shortage in the markets. As the KSCDC could not place orders in time as the factories were lying closed, procuring adequate raw nut stock had become difficult in the given situation. The factories could operate after September 23 only if the KSCDC succeeded in getting raw nut stock.