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  • Poland boosts Coast cashew nut farming 08/24/2020

    Aug 24th, 2020

    Poland is helping plant a million cashew nut trees and sesame seeds at the Kenyan coast to boost agriculture and help residents hard-hit by the coronavirus to weather the storm. Poland’s Ambassador to Kenya Jacek Baza?ski also said in an interview that Polish tourists love to visit Kenya but the country needs to market its destination better to attract more Polish citizens. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Kenya is seeking various bilateral arrangements with the European Union post-Brexit, which comes at a time Poland is taking over the Visegrád Group presidency. Tell us about the group, members and why it was created. The Visegrád Group (V4) was formed on February 15, 1991 at a meeting of the three heads of state and government of Poland, Hungary and the then Czechoslovak Republic, now separated into two independent countries, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. It is thus a cultural and political alliance of four Central European states. On July 1, 2020 was Poland’s turn to take over the annually rotating seat of the Visegrád Group presidency. It is already the sixth Polish presidency, but unquestionably the first one in such unusual circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the related crisis. What will be the priorities of the Polish presidency within the Visegrád Group and here in Kenya? Each of the four countries has its own projects and initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of the Kenyan population. Poland, for example, has decided to further its cooperation with the World Food Programme, Kenya office, and for the third time in a row supplement its budget, this time with a voluntary contribution of 105,000 euros (Sh13.4 million) to help respond to growing food insecurity in Kenyan refugee camps and within the informal settlements in Nairobi. The amount adds to the $400,000 (Sh43 million) that Poland contributed to the budget of WFP Kenya in 2018 and around $200,000 (Sh21.5 million) in 2019. Can you tell us something more about the aims of this initiative? The project, with a budget of around two million euros (Sh254 million), is co-funded by the EU Trust Fund for Africa and the V4 member countries. Its main objective is to support the planting of a million cashew nut trees and sesame seeds at the Kenyan coast, thus contributing to revival of the local industry, which constitutes an important branch of Kenyan agriculture.