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  • Pistachio brings USD one bln to Iranian nat’l income

    Nov 30th, 2016

    Iranian pistachios has become one of the most sought products due to their notorious value and popularity amongst locals and tourists.The pistachios business has grown considerably in Iran, making it one of the most lucrative ventures that added to the national income.Official government statistics put exports of pistachio at USD one billion.

    Speaking to KUNA on the matter, agricultural expert and pistachio producer Mahmoud Abtahi told KUNA that the crop was heavily sought by regional and international buyers, revealing that this increasing demand was due to the topnotch quality of Iranian pistachios.

    Usually around 170,000 to 200,000 tons are produced annually by Iran, said the businessman, claiming that the business brings around USD one billion to national income.Each region in Iran produces its own kind of pistachio, noted Abtahi, adding that Iran was amongst the world top pistachio producers.

    Meanwhile, Moussa Husseini, owner of a nuts shop in Tehran, said that there was no particular season for people to buy pistachios; however, demand increased locally and abroad during national and religious occasions.According to statistics by the Iranian agriculture ministry, pistachio exports have increased by 22 percent in the last six months with around 40,000 tons, worth around USD 381 million exported.The statistics put the export of pistachio last year at 130,000 tons worth USD 1.2 billion. (end) mw.gta

    Source: Kuna