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  • Pine nuts export to China will reach 1,000 tonnes this month

    Dec 2nd, 2018

    Five hundred tonnes of pine nuts have been exported to China through air corridor between the two countries and this could reach up to 1,000 tonnes worth 40 million in the coming one month, a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation said on Sunday.

    For the first time, Afghanistan opened air corridor for the export and import of goods with India in 2016 and similar corridors opened with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries to boost the export of local agriculture and industrial products.

    Agriculture Ministry Spokesman Akbar Rustami said President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani opened air corridor between China and Afghanistan this year which helped increase in the export of pine nuts.

    He said since the smuggling of pine nuts had been stopped Afghanistan’s export of this dry fruit increased to foreign countries.