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  • Phuket cashew nut industry goes global

    May 3rd, 2016

    PHUKET: Metee Company Phuket Ltd’s unique cashew-nut cooking process and new packaging is bringing the company international recognition and larger revenues.

    The Chalong-based company is just one of several local businesses that have changed the quality of their products and branding in order to compete in larger markets. The company has since been accredited by the Ministry of Commerce as a One Tambon One Product (OTOP) supplier.

    Methee General Manager Arpa Warapiwattanakul told the Phuket Gazette the company’s new cooking methods results in oil-free products and, in January of last year, Ms Arpa presented the company’s products to the Chalong-based branch of King Power. That meeting resulted in Methee being chosen to be King Power’s premium cashew supplier.

    Since then, Ms Arpa said, Methee has reported a 15 per cent higher revenue stream with its induction into luxury shopping centers and new packaging, catering to international customers with product information in Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese.

    “King Power has a lot of experience marketing products in domestic as well as international waters,” Ms Arpa said.

    Ms Arpa has encouraged other local businesses to improve their products and packaging to make them more appealing to international customers.

    “We have to show how wonderful our products are,” Ms Arpa said. “We, for example, have presented our products by printing a handmade painting of Phuket’s iconic Promthep Cape on our packaging.”

    This article first appeared in the April 30-May 6 issue of the hard-copy Phuket Gazette newspaper.