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  • Partnership with producers will create Vale do Caju in Ceará

    Oct 31st, 2019

    Ceará ended 2018 as a leader in cashew nut exports in Brazil and as the third most exported product by the state in the trade balance. Even so, there is a production chain that presents problems and a partnership in Ceará seeks to create the Caju Valley. Producers resent prolonged years of drought, which have hampered investments in production, as well as the loss of industries that buy cashew as a raw material and consequent reduction in prices.

    Producers initiative in conjunction with the Council of Municipal Secretaries of Agriculture, Economic and Technological Development of the State of Ceará (Comdetec) will enable the installation of the Caju Valley. The space spans eleven cities in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza (RMF) and has, for example, Silicon Valley in the United States, promoting best practices and the relationship between the productive sector, the government and industries.Aca Pacajus Secretary for Economic Development and Comdetec President Roberto Cariri explains that the idea is based on the principle of strengthening cashew culture in the RMF. He also says that partnership with industries that use cashew as raw material is made, with Jandaia, for example. The success of the project can generate similar experiences in other regions of the state.

    "The Cashew Valley would unify the producers, who previously competed with each other. I proposed the union and we are promoting table cashew, because more than 100 countries buy kiwifruit, but not cashew," says the municipal secretary of Pacajus, noting that The idea is to develop initiatives that allow you to pack the fruit for better acceptance in the market, exemplifies.The Executive Secretary of Agribusiness of the State Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (Sedet), Sílvio Carlos Vieira Lima, points out that the area comprising the Cashew Valley produces around 20% of the product in Ceará.

    "The action of the valley is interesting because it improves the sector in adding value in cashew crop. Not only focusing on nuts, but also on table cashews, also strengthening the juice industry. We noticed this year an improvement of the scenario of interest by the industry with the organization of the chain ", evaluates.The president of the Caju Brazil Institute (ICB), Vitor Oliveira, comments that any initiative aimed at promoting closer relations in the production chain is welcome, as "cashew culture is going through a difficult time in productivity, competitiveness, especially in the foreign market. "Vitor Oliveira points out that the share of cashews has already been above the current 0.5% in the world almond market. The challenge is to expand this international market and strengthen the national one.For the president of ICB, this should happen with better government policies. "Public policies for the cashew industry are still gaps we have. I refer to the credit policy with differentiated lines." (The People - is a partner of


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    Project Details


    A project that would create a technology park that would deal with agribusiness focused on the cashew chain. Investors interested in the project are already talking to Comdetec's president


    The main outlet channel for cashews to the international market is via Porto do Mucuripe. The president of Companhia Docas do Ceará, Mayhara Chaves, told PEOPLE that she is seeking entrepreneurs for partnerships in the operation of cargo.


    According to the publication Ceará in Comex, from the Ceará State Federation of Industries (Fiec), fresh or dried cashews, shelled, showed a positive variation of 5.5% in exports between January and September 2019 compared to same period of 2018.