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  • Opportunities for cashew nuts in Binh Phuoc

    Oct 27th, 2016

    WHAT IS THE NUMBER 1 Binh Phuoc

    In 1982, Vietnam's cashew an area of about 5,000 hectares, by 2005 this area increased by nearly 70 times, ie 349.7 thousand hectares. Vitality, drought tolerant, easy to grow and invest less has "conquered" Binh Phuoc farmers switch to growing crops from it, including ethnic S'tieng, this ancient Khmer capital only familiar with maize, rice.

    After re-establishment date 1-1-1997, Binh Phuoc endowed with 60% of basalt soil, favorable populated for free migration in the provinces and cities nationwide to settle. Growing things is also the choice of many migrant households free. Therefore, the province has formed the major focus areas for cashew cultivation in Dong Phu District 3, Bu Dang, Phuoc Long. Binh Phuoc become the capital of cashew, accounting for about 50% of the area under cultivation in the country. Specifically, in 2007, the province has 171,136 hectares / 350,000 hectares nationwide. 2008-2013 period was the heyday of the rubber (no SOEs) should farmers massively tight rubber articles, which reduce the average area of about 10,000 ha / year. But by 2016, the area which is still 134 014 ha Binh Phuoc, in which 131 512 hectares for products (not including that of the land area of about 15,000 hectares of forest stand) / 291 959 ha of the country. As planned by 2020, stabilizing the country which 300,000 ha area, of which 200,000 ha Binh Phuoc.

    According to data from the General Statistics Office, in 2015 (the year that season) yield that the national average of 1.2 tons / ha, including Binh Phuoc reached over 1.45 t / ha (Ivorian cashew area The world's largest productivity was only 0.7 tons / ha). Binh Phuoc cashews are renowned in the world of flavor, crunchy and conquer consumers when it comes to nuts is thinking of Binh Phuoc.Mr. Nguyen Van Dau expert group in charge of Vinacas, has more than 30 years with cashews, Vietnam's leading experts on things, said Binh Phuoc is the No. 1 thing, because in the process of testing 115 plants in the province of Binh Phuoc it has 78 outstanding trees, accounting for 80%, given Vietnam on grain quality. Thereby, affirming that the same gene Binh Phuoc better quality varieties of Thailand or the Philippines that some production facilities are advertising.


    As reported by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has 77 612 households across the province currently under cultivation. While rubber prices "hit bottom", the price of high and stable during the third season, farmers invested excited orchard care. Thus, it rose from 0.9 yield t / ha to 1.5 tons / ha in 2015 and 1.4 tons / ha in 2016 (due to severe drought affected).

    To keep the price of things, reduce commercial fraud affecting the prestige and quality of cashew nuts, the province has emerged linking models of cashew farmers. According to data from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province has 5 production cooperatives that (Bu Dop 2, Bu Dang Dong Xoai 2 and 1); 5 cooperative (Dong Phu 1, Bu Dang 2, Dong Xoai 1 and Bu Dop 1). Typically Cooperative (Cooperative) in Tien Phuoc Hung Hung, Dong Xoai Town link FLO standard production and exports Organic market through Europe, America, Japan, Korea ... via business processing and consumption as import-export company Vietnam Ha and partners. Also Cooperative Phuoc Hung, co-operative unions in Binh Phuoc that there is cooperative in Dong Nai 3, Thanh Phat (Bu Dang) and BGM (BGM). In doing so, they Dong Nai has also been labeled an international trade fair. Binh Phuoc Cooperative Union which are guided by cooperative members and Thanh Phat BGM organic cashew production. This is the quickest steps can soon be recognized Fair Trade Organization fair trade labeling.

    Binh Phuoc province has focused attention and has built cashew development project sustainable thing. In which the planning of key areas to support cashew farmers along the value chain, building on the basis of agricultural cooperatives - trade services and new types to ensure the input of fertilizer materials for the commune the output member and the corresponding value clean cashews. Binh Phuoc is also building cashews geographical indications.

    According to data from the Department of Trade and Industry, the province currently has 200 corporate and 400 individual processing facilities; 31 businesses involved in exporting directly, with a capacity of about 82,000 tons / year. However, the export of crude exported mainly to low economic value. Processing enterprises, but mainly something many small, financial capacity and weak business administration should not care about food safety and hygiene; register now Quality ISO, HACCP, GMP can count on the fingers.

    Nguyen Duc Thanh, Chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) at a meeting with Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee dated 7-9-2016 said Vietnam 10 consecutive years ranked No. 1 industry and export processing individual, with about 350 businesses involved in exporting. However, the price divided into 3 categories: High prices now ensure food safety (mainly businesses that G20); The average price of a lot of business and lower selling prices (small and medium enterprises). The trend of the market is safe product selection, quality, production originated despite high prices. Chairman Nguyen Duc Thanh Vinacas said that to take advantage of the local raw materials with top quality world and you have successfully built brand Binh Phuoc cashews, should enhance the value of products by collection medium deep processing production luxury goods, high price.

    Consumers around the world are directed to use food product particles but must be clean. So, now wants to be associated with Binh Phuoc to farmers of raw materials with delicious flavor. At the capacity building workshop that deep-processing enterprises (May 5-2016), many businesses, including Ha My Joint Stock Company (Dong Phu) petition local government to create conditions for venture with farmers to build the local raw materials. Ms. Tran Thi Yen, director of the cooperative that BGM (BGM) said: The time in Phuoc Phuc Long An has put the issue of raw materials purchased from farmers' cooperatives purchased, by product of cooperative members sell cooperative Alliance. Accordingly, businesses will create the conditions for farmers to borrow funds orchard care to minimize the pledge garden, black-interest credit "exorbitant" in remote areas, ethnic minority areas minority.

    The time that domestic production meets only 30% of processing capacity (400-500 thousand tons / 1.4 million tons / year). Export processing industries that Vietnam does not have rivals competing countries including leading output of India and West Africa. Expected in 2018, the free trade agreements such as the TPP, the Asia - Europe, ASEAN came into force, while agricultural products brand, origin will enjoy tax advantages for import into the country in free trade block.

    Cashew is "bright spot" in the agricultural exports of Vietnam, where the US market accounted for 30% share of cashew processing business should be forced to complete the prestigious production, improve governance now to dominate the market. Now synonymous thing there is only successful when linked with farmers to Binh Phuoc of raw materials quality, delicious flavors in the world.

    Phuong Ha

    Source: Binh Phuoc OL