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  • Not collecting fees from cashew exports 04/01/2016

    Jan 23rd, 2016

    Under Executive Committee Resolution Vietnam Cashew Association dated 16.01.2016, 100% of trustees Executive Committee of Vietnam Cashew Association has agreed to adopt the proposal of some members VINACAS and reviews of some copper Releases Executive Committee members of the Association not to collect 100% of the export fee $ 1.0 / ton export of membership from the date 01.04.2016.

    Thus, from the date 01/4/2016 enterprises export processing members that will not have to pay export fees that $ 1.0 / ton export it again.

    Funding for participation in the global Council (GCC) and the extension projects, support cashew farmers (formed after 12/31/2015) will be provided by voluntary business contributions on the basis of budget solvency of the Association or deducted from the budget Development Fund which (if approved by the General Assembly through the Term IX). Return To post dues collection plans (dues) as previously for the business members of the export processing.

    Association executive committee Association Standing Committee and president of the Association to conduct necessary procedures suggested the Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs notifies Customs Department and the Department of the provincial, city not Fees export revenues which $ 1.0 / ton export from date 04/01/2016.

    Source: Finance Committee VINACAS