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  • No shortage of crude in 2016

    Feb 25th, 2016

    Conference trade - crude trade cooperation Vietnam - Ivory Coast Light crop year 2016 took place in the city 24/2.

    Bong County Council and said Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast has begun a campaign to purchase raw cashew crop from 12/2 in 2016 with expected output over 700,000 tons, up 100,000 tons compared to 2015. the number of firms licensed export activity compared with 89 105 in 2015.

    This information shows that imports of crude VN there is no shortage of goods as in the past year, the Ivory Coast is the largest exporter of crude to the VN.

    According to the Association Article VN, 2015, VN imported 867,000 tons of crude from 25 countries and territories. In particular, Ivory Coast is a country that imports most VN yields 302,000 tons, accounting for 36% market share of VN imported crude.

    To enhance trade and commercial cooperation between the two countries of crude, over time, the specialized agencies of Vietnam and the Ivory Coast have also made ​​a number of collaborative content. Nguyen Duc Thanh, chairman VN Cashew Association said:

    Truong Duy

    Source: VOH