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  • National association of cashew processors of Burkina Faso: The actors reflect on the future directions of the structure 07/01/2020

    Jul 1st, 2020

    The general assembly constitutes for the national association of the cashew processors of Burkina Faso (ANTA-BF), the supreme authority. It is convened in ordinary session once a year to deliberate on matters of common interest. This is the place for the executive office to report to the members and partners of the association, of the actions carried out and to announce future directions. During this meeting, the participants had the opportunity to examine the technical assessment of the activities carried out in 2019 by the association, to analyze the financial assessment, to appropriate the work program and annual budget of the fiscal year 2020, resulting from the three-year action plan and examining requests for membership of ANTA-BF. According to the president of ANTA-BF, Felix Diloma Hiema, this meeting thus made it possible to pose an uncompromising diagnosis on the activities of the structure in order to identify the lessons likely to help all the actors to move forward. According to the president, several activities were carried out in 2019, including advocacy and lobbying activities and participation in forums and fairs. In terms of achievements, we therefore note the existence of a three-year action plan, the support of the State in the search for solutions, the synergy of action reinforced between links in the sector thanks to the dynamism of the CIAB and support from partners such as ComCashew, PADDA / REED +, Self Help Africa, FMS. Added to this is the existence of a link with the market at the national and sub-regional level thanks to the N'KAALO and ACA newspapers. It should, he thinks, be pointed out that the end of 2019 was marked by the operationalization of the Burkinabe Cashew Council (CBA), a structure specifically responsible for supporting the cashew sector. “In terms of activities, we can say that the supply difficulties for the processing units were less compared to previous campaigns. In fact, out of a forecast of nearly 30,000 tonnes, only 26,000 tonnes could be met. This means that many challenges still remain to be tackled, in particular access to finance and the quality of the nuts that weigh on the performance of our units, ”suggested Felix Hiema. However, The president indicated that this office is the one which started the association. “We worked as best we could to allow very good structuring of the organization at the base and to get people to join the association. Because you can't do it alone, but together you can do a lot of things at once, ”he said. For him, the cashew sector is doing well today in Burkina Faso even if it encounters some difficulties. These include, among other things, the absence of reliable statistical data, the lack of a technical support unit for processing units, internal resource mobilization (low contribution rates) and poor support from technical and financial partners. to support ANTA-BF.To meet the challenge, proposals have been made, namely, among others, support for the structuring and accession of artisanal cashew processors, the establishment of a reliable data collection mechanism, the cost control at each stage of the transformation process, strengthening the capacity of managers of member units in management, planning and contracting, setting up a laboratory to analyze transformation products. Ousseni Porgo is the new president of the national association of cashew processors of Burkina Faso (ANTA-BF). He was elected on the afternoon of Friday June 26, 2020, during this general meeting held in Bobo-Dioulasso. He succeeds Felix Hiema, for a three-year term. The new president says to place his mandate under the sign of the consolidation of the gains that the old team has garnered. According to him, the transformation of the cashew tree plays a very important role in the socio-economic development of Burkina Faso, in the sense that it contributes to create jobs especially for women and also to generate income for the population. For this, the new executive office, headed by Ousseni Porgo, says it wants to work on advocacy with technical and financial partners as well as with financial institutions, to support and encourage the establishment of new processing units. Because he estimates that only 10% of national production is processed locally in Burkina and 90% is exported gross. Anything that, according to Ousseni Porgo, does not create added value in production. The national association of cashew processors of Burkina Faso (ANTA-BF) was created in April 2013. Its main objective is to promote the processing of cashew in Burkina Faso. Specifically, it works for the social and economic development of actors in the transformation chain of the cashew sector at the national level, to the fight against poverty by diversifying the sources of income and jobs through the processing of cashew, to the promotion technology and the promotion of derivatives. Numbering seven members at creation, the association now has sixteen member processing units, including 15 located in the West and one in the center.