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  • More than 4 billion FCFA distributed to cashew farmers in Ivory Coast

    Oct 26th, 2018

    Abidjan cashew value chain on 22 October 2018. the 3rd session of the 5th edition of the Program Master Trainers on the promotion of the cashew value chain opened on Monday in Abidjan. Photo: Dr. Adama Coulibaly, Director General of the Cotton Cashew Council.

    Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) - More than 4 billion FCFA were distributed from 2016 to 2018 to the cashew farmers as part of the quality incentives, announced Thursday in Abidjan, the Director General of the Cotton and the cashew nut, Adama Coulibaly.

    According to the first person in charge of the sector who spoke in the tribune of the Group of the press publishers of Ivory Coast (GEPCI) "4 676 823 008 FCFA" were distributed to the planters.

    "This is a subsidy of 400 F CFA per kg of cashew kernel produced and marketed," said Coulibaly, recalling that Côte d'Ivoire is the largest cashew producer with 700 000 tons still faces the challenge of on-site processing.

    "The transformation aspect is our weak point. We are moving forward resolutely, "he reassured.

    As prospects, he noted among others "the continuation of research programs, support to the development of processing and local industry, the creation of value-added and development of local market, the development of processing technologies" .

    Several actions are being carried out as part of the fight against fraud evidenced by the leakage of products to neighboring countries, particularly Ghana, according to Coulibaly, who states that there were "34 seizures this year. ".

    "The fight is effective," he added, adding that prison terms of 10 years are provided for in Ivorian law.

    Côte d'Ivoire is the world's largest producer with more than 700 000 tonnes / year and remains the world's largest exporter of raw cashew nuts with 614 784 tonnes in 2017. Cashew or cashew is the second largest agricultural export product in the world. Ivory Coast (+ 40% global offer). The sector generates an income of more than 508 billion FCFA to the producers in 2017.

    The country will host the 3rd edition of the International Exhibition of Cashew Processing Equipment and Technologies (SIETTA) from 08 to 10 November around the theme, « transformation of the cashew nut, a mine of opportunity ".