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  • Ministry of Trade Recommendations for dealing with global shipping companies Hanjin Shipping

    Sep 6th, 2016

    Representative offices of ocean carrier Hanjin Shipping Global (South Korea) in Vietnam was officially notified of the stop is not receiving new cargo booking after the date 08/31/2016. The bankruptcy case of maritime shipping company Hanjin Shipping Global (South Korea) has been and will likely affect activities freight forwarding import and export businesses.

    Stemming from this reason, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has recommended for import shipments were docked, urgently complete clearance procedures to receive and release of goods from the carrier Hanjin container. In addition, the export shipments of the company was put into Hanjin container, quickly taking the goods out of the container and contacting foreign partners to have options, to change carriers and cargo booking calendar.Especially own shipments being transported aboard the carrier Hanjin, to continue working with the company representative office in Vietnam Hanjin to track schedules and coordinate with partners to plan imports received cargo at the port.

    In addition to the notification to the Association and the enterprise sector and proactively plan freight forwarders, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation proposal to direct the Port Authority has plans to arrange the Regulators reasonable facilities and timely to support businesses, to avoid affecting the progress of delivery of goods and cause congestion at seaports.

    Source: VNA