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  • Lunar New Year of smell does not affect the import and export activities which first 2 months of 2015

    Mar 9th, 2015

    Even full-term 2/2015 is the month to coincide with the businesses and workers Hare 2015 Lunar New Year holiday, but export activities that not only did not decrease, but also the remarkable growth received.

    According to the data (approximately) the successful implementation 2/2015 of GDC, although long-term holiday in February import activity (NK) is quite exciting, every port has steadily even during Tet, the total plus the whole industry has imported 25 thousand tons of crude, up 79.68% in volume compared with the same period of 2014. Thus the first 2 months the country has imported a total of 62.56 thousand tonnes of crude.

    Regarding exports (exports) kernels, May 2/2015 cashew export volume reached only 15,000 tons of people with all kinds of export turnover of USD 105.75 million, up 18.9% in volume and 36.24% in value against the same period of 2014. Total 2 months early in 2015, the country exported 37.25 thousand tons of people of all kinds with a total export value of USD 262.2 million, up 23.8% in volume and 43, 7% in value over the first two months of 2014.

    Source: VINACAS