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  • Lam Dong: Re more than 2,200 ha of cashew cultivation

    Dec 20th, 2016

    Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Lam Dong said: By the end of 2016, the province has built seven bullets orchard with an area of 3 hectares. Along with that, in two years (2015 and 2016), Lam Dong province was selected and received 37 bullet cashew and now has been to exploit the bud.Accordingly, the first orchard in the line is built Huoai district, Da Teh, Cat Tien and Dam Rong, with the same bullets as PN1, AB 29, AB 0508. Currently, all the bullets are born orchard good growth and development. Also, has built 5 grafted seed production gardens with a total area of 0.6 hectares, the equivalent of 300,000 seedlings. Along with that, in the past 2 years, the locals have been deployed on 380 transplants renovated ha thing, with the rate reaching 72% live buds. For the re-cultivation, to the present, the province has more than 2,200 hectares of replanting it, the survival rate was over 92.8%.

    Source: News Highlands