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  • Kyrgyzstan aims to boost dried apricot exports

    Jul 15th, 2016

    According to Kyrgyzstan's Ministry of Economy, the country has raised the issue of having its dried apricots awarded the UNECE standard. This issue was discussed at a meeting of the working group on agricultural quality standards of the UNECE in Geneva, which was attended by representatives of the Center for Standardization and Metrology (CSM) of the Ministry and the association of fruit and vegetable producers.

    The event addressed issues in the development and revision of standards for dry and dried produce, including the international standard for dried apricots. The sector for the production of dried apricots in the southern region of the country is almost entirely export-oriented.

    As the Ministry of Economy explained, due to the distinctive features of the climatic zone, the requirements of the existing UNECE Standard for dried apricots do not conform with the product produced by Kyrgyz entrepreneurs.

    In order to eliminate technical barriers to trade, the representative of CSM raised the issue of introducing amendments to the UNECE Standard. As a result of the discussion, agreements were made on making amendments to the minimum requirement standards (quality, maturity, calibration) for the Kyrgyz products.

    The final draft, taking into account the proposals of the Kyrgyz side, will be sent for approval to the CSM in November of this year for approval, after which it will be published and distributed for its adoption as a national standard in the member countries.

    The identification of products with the new international standard will allow business representatives to enter international markets, increase export potential and boost the economy of the republic.

    Source: kyrtag,kg