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  • Kogi East tasked on cashew development for economic growth

    Aug 14th, 2017

    COMMUNITIES in Igalaland of the eastern senatorial district of Kogi State have been advised to cultivate cashew in large scale in order to give a boost to their financial situation and also to push up the state’s economy. A prominent leader of the Igala people, Cyprian Adejo, who made the submission, also urged the state government to implement the economic diversification programme by investing in agriculture for development.

    Speaking while addressing the Movement for Sustainable Development of Igala/Bassa (MOSDIBN), he said the cashew plantations in the eastern part of the state could form part of formidable drivers of the economy of the people and the state at large. He, however, stated that the country should, as a matter of urgency, vigorously pursue her diversification effort into agriculture to further boost her economic development.

    Adejo, therefore, urged the people and government of Kogi state to take advantage of the abundant cashew nuts in the eastern part of the state to develop its economy. On the agitation by various segments of the country for its restructuring, he said that was the only way the country could end agitations from various segments and ensure its development.He, however, added that such restructuring should be carried out through constitutional amendments that would guarantee unity, peace and tranquility in the country. According to him, restructuring had become inevitable, saying it would breed hard work and enable each state to develop its own resources independently as against the present situation where states relied on income from the federation account.

    He said the development witnessed during the regional administration could be replicated after restructuring as every region would develop based on the resources available in their domains. He also noted that healthy competition would fast track development across the country. The Igala leader explained that unity was the core value the country needed, saying countries like Japan, China and Brazil had become giant industrial nations because of the absence of ethno-political rivalry.