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  • Kerala cashew conclave: ‘Co-brand African and Kollam cashews’

    Jun 29th, 2017

    Finance Minister Thomas Isaac has mooted the idea of co-branding African and Kollam cashews. He made the suggestion during the keynote speech at the Cashew Conclave here. Branding, Isaac said, will help the countries move up the value chain.“Through technical collaboration, cashew production can be increased. Middlemen who control the market should be avoided and procurement should be made directly. Effort should be made to avoid corruption,” he said.

    According to him, the lack of enough work days or proper wages were the challenges faced by the state’s cashew workers. He is optimistic of the collaboration with African nations making a difference. The raw nuts procured will be made available to the Kerala Cashew Development Corporation, Kerala State Cashew Workers Apex Industrial Co-operative (CAPEX) and private processors. The meeting aims to explore the possibility of enhancing the export market from Rs 6,000 crores to Rs 9,000 crores.