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  • KPCT offers sops for cashew processors

    Mar 21st, 2015

    The management of the Krishnapattanam Port Container Terminal (KPCT) in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh has announced facilities there for cashew processors having expansion plans. Andhra Pradesh already has several cashew processing factories, some of them owned by entrepreneurs in Kollam. At a press conference here on Friday, KPCT Director Vinita Venkatesh said the port had a land bank of 12,000 acres that would be made available to cashew processors at economical rates, “which will be lower than the market price for outright sale or long-term lease.” She said infrastructure would also be provided at the site, adjacent to the port complex enabling savings on container movement charges. “This will provide huge advantage to those processors importing raw cashew and exporting kernels. The port intends to provide free warehouse facility for 15 days for imported raw cashew.” Ms. Vinita said the port management would provide proficient labour through its corporate social responsibility initiative and such labour could be quickly trained to process cashew. The port also had a special rail link, she added. She said such services would be available only for the KPCT-based industries. Ms. Vinita clarified that the port management had no intention to promote migration of the cashew industry from Kollam to Nellore. “Since cashew processing is already an industrial activity in Andhra Pradesh, the KPCT is offering facilities for the growth and development of the port. It will at the same time be beneficial to the cashew processors too,” she added.