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  • Ivory Coast: the production of cashew estimated at 650,000 tons at the end of the 2016 campaign

    Sep 29th, 2016

    The production of cashew nuts in Ivory Coast is estimated "650,000 tons" at the end of the 2016 campaign against "700,000 tons" in 2015 is a "down 50,000 tons", said Wednesday the industry players INFO to ALERT."This year we will be around 650,000 tons maximum" has advanced a player in the sector, noting that at the end of August production was "over 530,000 tons" and could achieve that this estimate by year-end.

    According to that exporter, the rank of the Ivory Coast as a leading producer of cashews does "will not be threatened despite the decline in production" due poor rainfall.In May, the CEO of cotton cashew Council Malamine Sanogo, presenting his mid-term review had identified a "delay" in the maturation of cashew. This provoked a rise in price edge field of 350 FCFA per kg to 650 F in some locations and conflicts between actors of the chain.

    Ivory Coast has become the largest producer of cashew nuts to India in 2015 with more than 700,000 tons against 564,780 tons in 2014. The cashew sector has 250,000 farmers in Ivory Coast and employs over a million people.