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  • Ivory Coast: the marketing of cashew down 123,931 tons

    May 12th, 2016

    The marketing of cashew experiencing a slowdown with a quantity going from 553 749 tons in August 2015 against 429,931 tons in May 2016, a decrease of 123,931 tons (-22%) compared to last season.

    "We record 429,818 tons against 553,749 tons 06.05.2016 to 05.08.2015 a decrease of 123,931 tons (-22%) compared to the last campaign," the point of commercialization cashew nuts (cashew) Board of cotton and cashew in the May 6 and sent to APA.

    "The general consensus is a low yield of first flowering. Production prospects remain good with the harvest of the second course flowering "adds the note states" this marketing week is marked by a significant drop in price fields edges that pass from 600-625 CFA / kg at 450- 550 FCFA / Kg edge field. "

    This situation is explained by "the fact of the withdrawal of financing for exporters in the field because of the poor quality of available products," they say. "Most traders and producers release their stocks for fear of a collapse of the market and are endeavoring to properly treat the product," says the same note reassures that "large stocks are available in the areas of production."

    Under international context (rise in prices of almonds, predictable decline in production in India and Vietnam), this decline was mainly due to the will of some actors to impose a producer at farm gate prices (Cartel AEC- THIS).

    The exporters have set up a new truck access procedure in their warehouses due to the decline in quality. It begins by sampling the top of the truck, then they do an analysis to get an idea of the quality. Some trucks that have a less than 44 KOR and of high humidity levels are repressed at this stage and are not presented to control humidity. This practice increases the downward spiral by creating panic buyers and producers.

    Moreover, 91 trucks were turned back this week as with humidity greater than 10% against 109 repressed the précédente.A the week of May 6, 2016, "319 contracts for a volume of 279 990 tons against 333 contracts ( -4%) for a volume of 436,361 tons (-36%) for the same period during the campaign 2015 "were recorded.

    Côte d'Ivoire became in 2015 the largest producer of cashew nuts with 700 000 tons. Of this production, only 45 000 tons were processed locally, to believe in, the Director-General of the Council of cotton and cashew, Malamine Sanogo.