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  • Ivory Coast: non-compliance with the price per kilogram of cashew nuts in the Bafing

    May 19th, 2020

    Cashew producers in the Bafing region are worried about the non-compliance with the price of cashew nuts set at 400 FCFA / kg. After the purchase of 115 tonnes of cashew at the rate of 400 francs per kilogram by the agricultural cooperative Bohi Nouman (CABN) on April 20 and 21, 2020, and this as part of the removal of cashew stocks, initiated by the Government Ivorian, no other action has taken place to date. Buyers roam the different production areas and buy the kilogram of cashew below the field price set at 400 francs. “Today, due to financial difficulties, we are forced to sell our products at the prices set by the buyers. The price fluctuates between 150 and 250 francs, ”said Dosso Vasseko, cashew producer in the village of Doh, in the Guinteguela sub-prefecture. These words of Dosso Vasseko, are shared by the majority of producers in the Bafing region, from the Ouaninou department to that of Koro via Touba. The president of the regional union of agricultural cooperative societies of Bafing (URESCAB), Diomandé Gondo invited the cashew producers to be patient. “After the first purchase, other larger cashew removal missions will take place. We ask our producers to keep their products to sell them at 400 francs when these missions come ”, insisted Diomandé Gondo. Despite this call from the president of URECAB, large quantities of cashew are sold between 150 francs and 250 francs by many producers. “The end of Ramadan party is approaching and I have no money. I sold my 12 bags of cashew for 150 francs and 200 francs depending on the buyer, ”said Lady Bamba Salimanta.