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  • Ivory Coast: Cashew commercial campaign, Hambol populations looking for buyers

    Mar 10th, 2020

    Since February 6, 2020, the cashew marketing campaign has started in Côte d'Ivoire with a floor price to producers of 400 FCFA per kilo. More than a month later, some regions have not yet been visited by buyers. Producers in the Hambol region , especially those in the young Arikokaha sub-prefecture, are in this situation. They have their production at hand for lack of buyers.

    “Since the campaign was launched, no buyer has come to visit us. We do not understand why. The production is stored, ”explained a farmer to KOACI. According to him, the Sub-prefect of Arikokaha, would track down crooked buyers who offer prices below 400 FCFA to producers. "The Sub-prefect advised us not to sell our production to buyers who offer prices less than 400 FCFA," said this producer whose name we will not mention.  We also learned that for lack of means, farmers sell their productions to pay for food by selling the kilo and a half at 500 FCFA instead of 600 FCFA.