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  • Ivory Coast: CCL crusade against illegal exports cashew

    Apr 4th, 2016

    In Côte d'Ivoire, the Council of Cotton and Cashew (CCA) is currently on a crusade against the illegal export of cashew nuts. With the support of the mixed brigade of border control, the institution has launched a crackdown on this practice in areas of Poro, the Tchogolo and Bagoue indicates the Infodrome. The aim of this operation is to stop the flow of illegal exports of cashew to Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

    Note that, before this campaign of repression, a major focus was on educating people in these areas to the problems relating to the smuggling of cashews. As the latter have they mobilized behind the authorities in their fight. "Our villages have no electrification and health centers. We'll report our brothers who are complicit in the fraud. "Stated Doulaye Ouattara and Alassane Ouattara which respectively the head of the village of Mamhandougou and president of the village of Kadarvogo Management Committee will perform two localities the operations.

    Until then, the efforts of the mixed brigade of border control have resulted, among others, to the arrest of trucks carrying several tons of cashew.