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  • Ivory Coast / Actors sensitized on issues of quality of cashew nuts

    May 27th, 2017

    The players in the cashew sector were sensitized on Friday in Bouake, on the issues of preserving and improving the quality of cashew nuts for the sustainable development of that sector in Côte Ivory.Initiated by the Council of cotton and cashew enshrined in the roadmap reflection platform on preserving and improving the quality of cashew nuts, the workshop has attracted the attention of stakeholders on the need sell well dried and sorted products. Discussions focused on what to watch for optimizing the production quality and inviting actors to join. This requires compliance with the route that starts from the establishment of seed drying and bagging through harvest.

    The representative of the Director General Cotton Council cashew, Kone Gabessongon, challenged stakeholders indicating that the poor lose 150 to 200 US dollars per tonne. This corresponds, he added, with a loss of 100F per kilogram due to poor quality. The awareness campaign will take place in larger communities of cashew basin, including Bouaké, Korhogo, Odienne, and Seguela.