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  • Invite business sector participation National Trademark Programme Vietnam

    Dec 18th, 2015

    offers business sector participation National Trademark Programme Vietnam

    National Trademark Programme is a unique program by the Government of Vietnam to conduct, was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 253/2003 / QD-TTg dated 23/11/2003 aims to promote the image national, national brands through brand products in domestic and foreign market, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is a permanent body, responsible for coordinating with the ministries, the Association implemented the program. National brand logo titled "Vietnam Value" (English title: "Vietnam Value") is awarded to products with its own brand, to meet the criteria defined by the program. Since 2003 there have been 04 votes, with 63 round-branded businesses, products and services to achieve national brand.

    Deploying National Trademark Programme for the business sector in 2016, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam Cashew Association and relevant agencies held the 5th round of votes for the Vietnamese business sector Men have excellent products, eligibility was brought national brand logo. Pursuant to Official Letter No. 10506 / BTC-XTTM day of MOIT 12.10.2015 on the proposed coordinated deployment of National Trademark Programme (THQG) 2015, the Vietnam Cashew Association inform and invite the business sector are eligible to enroll National Trademark Programme Vietnam:

    1. Criteria for approval now eligible bring National Brand logo as follows:

    - As a result of manufacturing processes and modern business management to meet the requirements and regulations of the authorities competent in each period.

    - Manufactured and supplied with advanced technology, environmental friendliness, use of local materials and capable of export and import replacement products.

    - Product quality is assured by quality management system and advanced recognized under the provisions of the current law.

    - Design and utilities with Vietnam and creative excellence.

    - Brand products are registered for protection of intellectual property rights in Vietnam and is owned by the enterprise, business organization established in Vietnam.

    - There is strategy development and brand protection; have specialized apparatus brand management.

    - Occupying a large proportion of the domestic market and in exports.

    - Is consumer choice.

    2. The selection procedure is conducted basically follow these steps:

    - Council Grassroots Vietnam Cashew Association received applications from business sector, held a preliminary assessment, consulting to businesses and sent to the Council of State level.

    - Secretariat program (Council of State level) receiving registration documents, additional corporate guidance documents and complete records (within 30 days).

    - Secretariat program to inform businesses preliminary evaluation results - records of enterprises eligible for continued participation in the final round of evaluation or not.

    - Secretariat program gathers profiles of enterprises entered the final round and moved to the members of the Council of Experts Committee, the Secretariat Programme and the relevant authorities to assess content . The appraisal of the reality in business can be conducted if necessary.

    - Secretariat program results summary dossier evaluation, field evaluation results and the opinion of the competent authorities / organizations concerned, the National Council approved brand.

    - Decision to recognize businesses that have a national brand logo by Chairman National Trademark Register.

    - Launch of the enterprise with products meeting national brand is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.

    3. A dossier of registration for the program (attached), including:

    1. Sample 01: Basic Information;

    2. Form 02: List of documents;

    3. Model 03: Vision Enterprise;

    4. Form 04: Core Values;

    5. Samples 05: Business Strategy;

    6. Form 06: Planning manpower;

    7. Form 07: Financial Planning;

    8. Form 08: Leadership Award;

    9. Form 09: Vision brand;

    10. Form 10 brand promise;

    11. Form 11 brand positioning;

    12. Form 12: Protect the brand;       

     13. Form 13: Internal Branding;

     14. Form 14: Media brand;

     15. Form 15: Policy creation;

     16. Form 16 R & D department;

     17. Form 17: Budget R & D;

     18. Form 18: Training Training;

     19. Form 19: Initiative applies;

     20. Form 20: Intellectual Property;

     21. Form 21: Application of new technologies;

     22. Form 22 Innovation Award;

     23. Form 23: Investing maintain quality.

    4. Specification Profile: Enterprise registration dossiers detailed by complete information on the registration form above minimum up to 03 sets according to (Close hardcover or spiral plastics; separating the financial statements) and sent to the Office VINACAS to gather the National Brand Council approval.

    5. Participation Fee: Free consultation, records and fees charged for the program 100% Membership Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas).

    6. Communications (Q - Consultants):

    Vietnam Cashew Association

    135 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC. HCM

    Tel: 083 8242136;

    Fax: 083 8242138


    - Anh Nguyen Dinh Truong.

    Mobile: 0917 888 148       

     National Trademark Programme

    (Department of Trade Promotion - Ministry of Industry and Trade). 20 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi

    Tel: 39347628 844. (ext: 69, 65, 62);

    Fax: 844. 39,344,260.


    Contact person: Ms. Nguyen Huong Giang

    - Mobile: 0904 441253,

    Anh Nguyen Chi Trung (0938568888).

    7. Other information: visit the website: or website

    8. Time for submissions: 15/03/2016 previous day.

    Source: VINACAS