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  • International Women’s day 2017 – A perfect day to celebrate women in cashew!

    Mar 8th, 2017

    From time immemorial, women have contributed in various capacities to the development of the cashew industry worldwide. The contribution of women in the entire cashew value chain, from production to consumption, organizing the sector to create a conducive business environment, etc. cannot go unmentioned.ACA is proud to be an implementer of the Walmart Foundation’s “Empowering Women Cashew Farmers” project which is one of ACA’s key contributions to improving the lives of African women cashew farmers. ACA has also partnered with key industry organizations like ComCashew, who have focused over the years on training women to become masters and built their  capacities  in cashew processing, farming techniques marketing and factory management.Honoring women on this day, we are proud to call them ‘stars of hope’ for developing cashew industry in all aspects.