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  • Increases in planted area and export of Chilean hazelnut

    May 1st, 2015

    During 2014, the total volume of exports of Chilean hazelnuts reached 10855 tons, this is a 20% increase compared to 2013. There is also an important growth of hectares cultivated in the country.


    Looking at Figure 1, since 2007 the growth in exports of hazelnuts has practically been exponential. In terms of products, the export of shelled hazelnuts was 83 tones, while in shell hazelnuts reported a volume of 10689 tones (Figure 2).

     Figure 2

    In the last ten years there has been a stable increase of the hectares. According to the different updates, Chile reported an area of 8686 hectares, however iQonsulting estimated that in 2015 the industry has already surpassed the 10000 hectares. The Maule region is still the most important one with 6416 hectares, followed by The Araucanía region with 3103 hectares (both representing 90% of the planted area). However it is significant the fact that in the last three years, sales of plants of this species has reduced, resulting in a decrease in the rate of planting.Regarding the destinations, Chilean exports of in shell hazelnuts are summarized in three major destinations: Europe (Italy), Asia (Japan) and the United States; it’s in this last country where a loss of participation is noticed every year, although is one of the leading producers of hazelnut in the Southern Hemisphere. On the other hand, the main markets of shelled hazelnuts were Latin America (Uruguay), Asia (country) and Europe (country).