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  • Improving the quality of processed products following: a thorny problem unsolved

    Jun 3rd, 2016

    Vietnam leads the world in exports (exports) things. Enterprise (company) export processing more but not strong, mainly crude processing. And cashew nuts as well as other key export agricultural products of Vietnam no brand and meet safety barriers food hygiene. To survive and thrive in the world of integration, enterprises and the leaders and agencies to do when consumers around the world as well as domestic "refers to particles that are talking about Vietnam"?

    That was the purpose of the workshop requirements improve product quality post-processing conditions at industrial facilities in rural areas, due to the local Industry Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade held in Binh Phuoc day 31-5. Join the conference were representatives of the southeastern province, Long An and Ninh Thuan and many processing enterprises that Binh Phuoc ...


    2015, Vietnam maintained cashew exporting countries in the world topped with the highest turnover so far and it's is one of 7 agriculture - forestry - fishery exports reached $ 1 billion in Vietnam. Specifically: 2015, export turnover of Vietnam's industries reached $ 2.5 billion, including cashew nuts accounting for $ 2.3 billion (330,000 tons), up 20% compared to 2014. Vietnam's cashew industry 10 years continually leads the world, accounting for 50% of total trade value of global cashew nuts ($ 5 billion). Vietnam Cashew nuts are present in over 80 countries and territories, of which the US accounted for the largest share with 30% yield, 25% Europe and China 15%. Vietnam's cashew industry is also proud to have produced machinery and equipment leading but the cheapest price.

    Top but not sustainable, by branch of Vietnam also paradoxically domestic raw materials can only meet about 35% / total processing capacity (2015, domestic output of about 450,000 tons and 867,000 tons of foreign import ). Vietnam Cashew has been recognized worldwide as a leading quality uniform sizes and scents but domestic raw materials is always inversely proportional to the processing capacity is very difficult to build a brand, instructions geography. Nearly 95% of production is for export and processing conditions, the domestic market accounted for only 5-7% / total production. Vietnam Cashew is internationally known, but the unknown Vietnam cashew nuts, especially about the nutritional value of health.

    Area 2005-2008 period there were 450,000 hectares but only 292,000 hectares to date, of which the area to harvest 284 059 ha. Vietnam has not produced varieties are resistant to the effects of weather.


    Cashew nut processing Vietnam has 27 life and businesses that are classified as the fastest growing private companies, but mainly, including small and medium scale up the majority. In 2015, the country has about 465 cashew processing enterprises with more than 1,000 production facilities, including 46 large-scale plant, the processing capacity increases every year (2015 over 1.3 million tons of crude, rank 2 after India), increased 67 times compared with 1998. Particularly the southern region has 347 enterprises with 497 production facilities, accounted for 80% of the country, concentrated in the provinces of Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau and Tay Ninh.

    Deep processing accounted for only a small number of the 20 establishments, the capacity of 154,000 tons / year. Product is monotonous: The salt roasted, fried things, things that spice, which mixes, confectionery articles ... Processing of cashew nut shell oil has 26 establishments with a capacity of 80,000 tons / year and 5 basis nut shell oil refining capacity of 6,000 tons / year. DN winter but throughout the country that only 30 enterprises HACCP standards. ISO 9001, IS0 14000 and ISO 22000, BRC. In particular, through assessment shows, the number of class C enterprises still account for the majority.

    Pham Van Cong, deputy chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) said: Limitations of companies that mainly due to human factors (management capability of all businesses). Therefore, most processing facility that is as yet methodical, comprehensive and easy to overcome the early mistakes such as washing hands and instruments layout, capture knowledge of food safety and hygiene. Many establishments have not arranged lines of scientific equipment, raw materials and finished goods inventory (elements products meet regulatory standards ISO and HACCP).


    At the conference, many companies that produce desired Binh Phuoc things clean, brand-name products to expand trade, exports will have a big advantage after the country signed the Economic Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific, Marketing ASEAN common positions (AEC), a free trade agreement Vietnam - EU ... Vinacas recommendations to the Government, the Ministry of Agriculture - rural Development, Ministry of Industry and trade, provincial leaders and companies improve governance solution to sync breakthrough, contributed to increased quality and production of raw materials in the country. Department of Agriculture - Rural Development in directing companies to build links in the chain of production and consumption of products. The focus on building the province concentrated material zones (big field). Over 90% of small and medium enterprises so that the state should have mechanisms and policies to support businesses that support policies ... There assured growers stick with cashew ...

    Ms. Do Thi Minh Tram, Deputy Director of Local Industry said: Solutions for sustainable development in the world of integration is to increase productivity and output of domestic raw materials in order to reduce import dependency. Food safety and hygiene is still the central issue concerns leading enterprises to accept the market situation increasingly harsh competition. The government and the Department of Industry and Trade to review the licensing business enterprises (weak base closure, and to provide guidance, training to improve the management level of the company). Trade and Industry Ministry will propose to the Government to support the industrial promotion in the key provinces of production, processing things. Manufacturing enterprises must comply with procedures from raw materials to processing, packaging preservation ...

    Phuong Ha

    Source: Binh Phuoc