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  • IVC: Season occur normally, purchasing floor price increase

    Feb 1st, 2016

    Seasonal thing Northern Hemisphere region (Vietnam, India, Ivory Coast, ...) is taking place normally. In Vietnam, the crop will arrive later than every year as identified by a number of agricultural experts. Binh Phuoc area last January lunar starters, Dong Nai later from 2-3 weeks.

    Due to weather Elnino, in Vietnam weather starts to get cold more, the temperature difference day - night in the area under cultivation increased focus. In Ivory Coast phenomenon rare desert sand storm first appeared in the country's capital of Abidjan, ...

    *** As representatives VINACAS at IVC, the floor price of IVC farmgate crop is expected for 2016 of 400 FCFA / Kg (~ $ 0.66 / kg) - the real rate is much higher than the price 2015 of the IVC floors (Purchasing at 275 FCFA garden - buy at warehouse on material areas 300 FCFA - buy at port 352 FCFA).

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    Source: VINACAS