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  • IVC: Cotton cashew sector: Producers will be 100% for Ouattara

    Oct 12th, 2015

    For his good work in the cotton and cashew sector, producers have promised the Minister of Agriculture, Sangafowa Coulibaly massively vote its candidate in the presidential elections of 25 October. Cotton producers and cashew as well as several industry players have decided to vote 100% President Alassane Ouattara, candidate for his own succession to the presidential elections on 25 October.

    Indeed, during the ceremony of the second edition of the reward days of the best players in the cotton cashew sector on Thursday, October 8 in Korhogo, the capital of the Poro region, farmers have shown their unwavering commitment to the Head State Alassane Ouattara. Indeed, in a motion of support to the first citizen of the country, the producer Bassifou Ouattara was very clear as to the choice of the next presidential candidate to be held very soon in Côte d'Ivoire. Industry players, according to the producer, will not have to do the calculation to the polls.

    President Alassane Ouattara is the man for the job, he said. "It's him, the man who rehabilitated the cotton sector and cashew is the candidate of the sector. We will vote at 100%, "Mr. Bassifou said. Explaining the choice of players in the sector, it noted that President Alassane Ouattara is a chance for the agricultural community and its partners. And because it is in his first term as the conditions of life and work of producers have been improved.

    "It is thanks to Alassane Ouattara as the sector has regained its former glory. Indeed, the kilogram of cashew which cost 75 CFA before the accession of the current head of state in power, is trading today at more than 700 CFA francs.

    This die was abandoned and delivered to dealers are doing better today. The country in less than four years has become the biggest producer of cashew to India. "We support the candidacy of Ouattara. We are ready to give him a second term to enable it to complete the good work he has begun in our sector. We will ensure him a resounding victory on the evening of October 25, "reassured the producer.

    Same story for the president of the Intercoton, Lancina Tuo in his motion to the Minister of Agriculture Mamadou Coulibaly Sangafowa. For him, the Minister of Agriculture is a trusted man to have done everything he promised in the sector, actors are ready to vote for its candidate. And as is the president who sends the first head of the Department of Agriculture in the field, then it is the candidate Alassane Ouattara is the choice of world cotton and cashew. "Sangafowa Coulibaly, you successful exercise which has been entrusted to you by President Ouattara.

    Thank you for having carried out your road map for the first term. Be reassured and tell your boss Alassane Ouattara as we will vote because you have convinced us, "said the president of the Intercoton. "Here, we put in your hands our voices to ADO", concluded Lancina Tuo. The 34 winners of 19 cotton-producing regions and cashew, through their spokesman, OurayogodéTenegbè, convinced the producers to opt for the choice of the Minister of Agriculture, during the presidential elections. The Minister of Agriculture testified their recognition of leaders of the Rally of houphouëtistespour Democracy and Peace (RHDP).

    Romaric Sako, special Korhogo