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  • INC / GCC accompanies and supports the Vietnamese cashew industry

    Jun 8th, 2017

    At the meeting, INC / GCC committed to accompany and sponsor VINACAS in the activities: promotion, promotion of nutritional value of cashew nuts at home and abroad; The annual international convention in Vietnam; Trade promotion activities, export and import market expansion; Support to improve competitiveness and domestic consumption of cashew products of Vietnam; Cleaner production programs and sustainable development ...

    At the Vietnam International Convention on Phu Quoc in November, 1974, the INC / GCC will participate as a sponsor of the event.VINACAS will be an active founding member of the GCC in its key activities. VINACAS suggests that the GCC consolidate its organization and operation according to the GCC's mission statement, goals and operational programs, which provide the basis for engaging organizations worldwide.

    VINACAS will call on its members to contribute funds to the meaningful activities of the world's cashew industry and request INC / GCC to select Vietnam as the next destination for the annual dried nuts conference of INC / GCC. By now, Vietnam is not only a processing center, the largest exporter of cashew nuts in the world, but also a potential market of dried nuts and seeds such as peanuts, dried lotus seeds, chestnuts, seeds. Pine, dry jackfruit, raisins, dried plums ...

    Source: Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper