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  • Hungary: Excellent quality walnuts expected this year

    Sep 17th, 2015

    Prospects are good for the Hungarian walnut season this year. The early varieties have started being harvested and this year's yield is higher, with a really outstanding quality, surpassing that of previous years.This year the weather has been good for walnuts. More than six thousand hectares are planted in Hungary and a production of about 9.5 thousand tonnes is expected. It is a better situation than last year's, when wetter-than-average weather took a toll on the quality because of the spread of fungal and bacterial diseases.

    Not a high percentage of the walnuts produced in Hungary are intended for export, but the quality is popular. Within the EU, France and Romania are the leading producers and exporters; however, Hungarian walnuts also have a great reputation. This is because of their nutritional value, sizes ranging between 32 to 34 millimetres in diameter and a predominance of premium category nuts. Exports are also good because of the early varieties, which are among the first to reach the European market.Between late September and mid-October, early varieties hit the market ahead of their competition. 1,500-2,000 tonnes of shelled nuts are cleaned and exported, mainly to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Italy.