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  • Heavy rains hurt pollination and may hurt CA almond crops

    Mar 24th, 2017

    Almond producers in California have said that even with the heavy rains in California, crops may still fall. Observers are chewing over the possibility that heavy rains in California, although much-needed given the preceding drought, may have disrupted pollination during the crucial bloom period which runs from late February to early March."We've had some massive rains, high heavy snow packs, dams being and reservoirs being full," Sunny Verghese, chief executive at the Asian food and ingredient giant Olam said. "So from famine to feast." "In that three-week period if there's rains, then the bloom gets impacted," Mr Verghese said.

    "If there are rains, the bees will not fly," Mr Verghese said, "If the wind speeds are above 15 miles an hour, the bees will not fly. If it is cloudy conditions, the bees will not fly." "As spring approaches and the nuts mature, the industry will begin to get a better idea for the 2017 crop outlook," the group said.