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  • Hazelnut Association to simplify Azerbaijani hazelnut exports

    Feb 1st, 2017

    The Association of Azerbaijani Hazelnut Producers and Exporters have suggested simplifying the process of exporting hazelnuts from the country. One proposal mentioned by the Association's head, Ismayil Orujov, is to train highly qualified specialists - agronomists and experts - and to open laboratories in the major regions of hazelnut production.Azerbaijan is one of the few countries in the world with appropriate weather conditions for hazelnut cultivation; hazelnuts grow mostly in the northern regions are generally ripe by the end of July and harvested from mid-August to mid-September.

    He said that Azerbaijan ranks fourth in terms of hazelnuts exports. “Azerbaijan grows 35,000 tons of hazelnut, 90 percent of which are shipped abroad,” he noted. “Last year alone, we exported hazelnuts worth $105 million. Nearly 25 countries, including Italy, Germany and Russia are the main consumers of our hazelnuts. The growing and processing of hazelnuts is one of the main areas providing Azerbaijan with foreign currency.”